Fall Hair Styles - Brought to you by The Beehive Salon
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23 Sep Classy And Sassy; Autumn Hair Styles

Every season represents the start of something new; that is why it is a good time to think about getting a lovely new hair style to go with it. Most people go shopping for new clothes every fall so why not set it off and complete the look with an exciting change in hair color, cut or style. There are many hot, new autumn hair styles popular this season.

Finding a great stylist is the first thing that needs to be done; a stylist who is not properly trained and does not have a great eye for hair can never produce good results. Some women are fortunate enough to have found such a stylist to begin with, but for those who have not it is necessary to search for one. The internet can provide reviews for stylists, which gives an idea as to who is good. Asking friends and family to recommend someone is a good idea too.

To pick the right style, a woman has to determine what would look best with her face shape, features and coloring. A style in a magazine that looks great may look horrible on another person. It’s very individualized. For those who have no clue what they want, they can ask their stylist for suggestions or consult hair magazines.

Women who already have short hair and are looking for a new style; have several sharp and playful styles to choose from. Many of these feature the “messy” tousled look which is popular now. A few of these fun styles include; the 60’s retro crop with a long fringe (like the Fab Four), messy layered bob, and curled-edge bob with side fringe. A punkish 80’s mod look is popular too, that is teased in the front. For a bold statement, there is the mod, asymmetric fringe cut and the chin-length, fringeless bob.

Ladies with long locks, also have a large number of gorgeous styles they can select from for a hot, new look. As with the short styles, the loose and messy look seems to be in rather than overdone and neat. Big loose waves and big, loose curls are very popular. Hot rollers and curling irons are needed for most of the styles. A modern spin on the Farrah Fawcett look is popular as well, with her hallmark, blow-dried back waves. Naturally curly or ethnic hair can be unrestrained, since volume and big hair are the thing this fall. Layers are hot as well because they create volume and make the face look younger. Updos, buns and ponytails are hot as well, and provide a great way to change-up looks without much effort.

Not every woman is brave enough to go all out and have a drastic color change. For those who don’t, multi-tone highlights are still popular and create an attractive contrast as well as make one look more youthful. For the woman seeking a dramatic change colors like white blonde are in, but this is better to be done to short hair as it can be very damaging on ends. Other popular color choices include “dirty” blonde and the honey tones, these also make a woman look younger.

A word should be said about hair accessories as well since there are many trendy and cute ones that can set off any style. Popular this season are various combs, head wraps, clips and barrettes some having an 80’s retro look to them. They are nice little finishing touches that can complement one’s wardrobe and draw attention to her hair.

Whether someone has long or short locks, if she is looking for a feminine and sexy new autumn hair styles since there are many flattering ones to choose from.