Good and Bad Haircuts
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Hot Tips On How to Get Haircut You Want From Your Hair Stylist

10 May Hot Tips On How to Get Haircut You Want From Your Hair Stylist

Are you sick of getting bad haircuts? Look no further. Once you have decided on a stylist you trust, follow these great tips on getting your hair stylist to give you the haircut that you actually are hoping for.

1. Come prepared. Go to your appointment with expectations and tell your stylist what those expectations are. Have your hairstyle decision already made so you don’t end up with a random haircut you haven’t had a chance to really think about.

2. Bring a picture. A picture is a visual that will be invaluable to your stylist. Describing your haircut is great, but having a picture is twenty times better.

3. Be specific with what you want. If you like the hairstyle but don’t like an aspect of it, tell your stylist what it is. If you’ve had bad luck with the haircut before, tell them what you were unhappy with. Be specific to take a lot of the guesswork out of the situation and keep mistakes from happening again. You can also tell your stylist what things you do like about the hairstyle, or what things you would like to improve.

4. Tell your stylist about any hair quirks you might have. Does your hair poof when it’s short? Does one side of your hair curl inwards and the other outwards, no matter how many times you try to straighten it? Tell your stylist about it. Knowing your hair’s quirks can help your stylist know the best way about styling and cutting your hair to work with them.

5, Repeat back your hair history. Your stylist should know when the last time your haircut was, or how long it had been since you last colored or bleached it. Having a quick run-down of your hair treatments and haircuts can help them know the best way to cut and style your hair.

6. Get a hair consultation. When you are planning on making a hair change, or even if you are nervous because you’ve never used the stylist before, get a hair consultation. Most salons offer them for free. Having a consultation to talk to your stylist about your hairstyle choice can give you more time to talk about your decision, as well as get you better prepared for what is in store for you.

7. Ask your stylist to repeat back to you what you decided. If your stylist is able to tell you exactly what you wanted, you will know you are on the same page. Otherwise you can take the time to talk more about what you are hoping for, and explain yourself further, if there are any bumps in the road. Its much better to find out you weren’t in sync with each other BEFORE the hair cutting scissors come out.

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