Guys’ Hairstyles in Boise
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The Do’s and Dont’s For Guys’ Hair Styling

25 Jun The Do’s and Dont’s For Guys’ Hair Styling

Women aren’t the only ones who have to think of their hairstyles. Lately there are some really great hair trends going on for men. Here are some simple to follow do’s and don’ts for men’s hair.

1. Do spike hair in a dry look. Spiked hair that is pulled up in a clean, dry way looks much more fashionable than wet-looking gel spikes. Really clean cut sides with longer length on top is really in right now. A good example of this type of style is Adam Levine or Justin Bieber

2. Don’t do Spiked hair all over. Spiked hair is out. Hair that is spiked out everywhere with gel is outdated and boring today.

3. Do buzz your hair. The buzz cut is still in and a great hair option for guys. Buzz cuts come in a variety of ways and in varying lengths. Some guys prefer shorter buzzes, while others like them longer. Buzzed hair is an easy hairstyle to maintain with out having to forego style.

4 Don’t do the shag. Long hair is very much out of style for guys. Zac Efron’s high school musical hair is a thing of the past, and should stay there.

5. Do have a shorter shag. Messy hair that doesn’t cover the ears or neck is in. This type of shag still adds dimension to hair, as well as movement, but is not meant to be swept over the forehead or drape down the neck.

6. Do use natural texture. If a guy has natural texture to his hair, he should use it. Natural texture, such as wavy or curly hair, can add soft definition and texture to a hairstyle. A great example of this type of hairstyle is Eric Bana or Ryan Reynolds.

7. Do use classic hair styles. Classic hair styles are starting to make a big come-back for men. Hair parted to the side is called a classic for precisely that reason – it will always be in style. Today, though, it is a great style for even young men. This type of style looks great on a variety of hair types, especially those with thick hair. Men can create the classic part in the hair by using a fine-tooth comb and defining hair products, such as mousse. If you want to have a quiff, or volume at the front of the hair, shape it before spraying hair down with spritz or hair spray. Good trend setters of this hair style are Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, and David Beckham.

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