Mistakes to Make with Your Hair
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5 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Hair

09 Mar 5 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Hair

We often think about things we can do to make our hair be healthier and stylish, but what about mistakes we make with our hair? Below are the top 5 common mistakes that people tend to make with their hair.

Mistake #1 – Cutting your own hair. Trimming hair and bangs may be tempting, but it is something that novices should never try. Hair mistakes can be blatantly obvious with one fatal snip.

Bangs are especially dangerous. If you cut too much off, or cut them uneven, there really is no way to recover from it. Bangs are the very first thing that people notice; so don’t leave it up to your own hands. You want to leave a good impression, don’t you?

Mistake #2 – Don’t shampoo your hair every day. Why? Shampooing your hair can break down your hair, causing damage to happen on the ends. It can also call excess frizz and even dullness. Unless you have oily hair that requires shampoo daily, try going every-other-day between shampoos.

Mistake #3 – Don’t towel dry your hair. Towel drying hair is when you run your towel up and down your hair to try to quickly dry your hair off. The much better option is to blot your wet hair instead. It is normal to want to dry off your dripping wet hair, but don’t rub – blot.

Mistake #4 – Don’t follow extreme hair trends. Hair trends might be cutting edge, but they can also be unflattering for certain face shapes. The best rule of thumb is to always stop and think whether the hairstyle you want is really going to work on you. Bright red hair might look cute on the lady in the magazine advertisement, but will it compliment you? Before you take steps to dramatically change your hair ask yourself whether you think it will be flattering on you or whether you will still like it in a couple months. If you answer no, there is your answer.

Mistake #5 – Don’t bleach your hair on your own! I cannot stress enough how bad it is for your hair to bleach it with out any proper training or education. One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is trying to lighten their hair at home with out the supervision or steady hand of a professional hair stylist.

Why? Because bleaching hair is much more dramatic than other hair coloring scenarios. Bleach can also be very damaging to hair when done improperly, and can even result in hair breakage. Bleached hair also tends to turn different shades of color, which can look cheap and unattractive. Take some much needed advice. Don’t try bleaching at home. Leave it to a professional.

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